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Mint Media was built to design, create and optimize websites and other digital aspects for online businesses. We started off in the e-commerce space years back. This experience gave us a well-rounded understanding of all aspects of digital marketing such as: stunning website and landing page design with a focus on increasing conversions, SEO, data-driven paid advertising through Google, Facebook and Instagram.

Not taking advantage of the digital data-driven space just yet? That's ok, we will be your partner and help you effectively market your business online.
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Where We Service

Founded and headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, our client base outgrew our local roots. Today, our clients come from all over North America, primarily being in Ontario, New York and the greater Los Angeles area. We were built to do digital design and marketing the right way. Using, data from numerous different sources, all of our work, strategies and campaigns are calculated decisions with little-to-no guesswork.

Our Current Target

Over the past couple of years we have been working with many local service based businesses and helping them optimize their online presence. Whether it be designing & developing a website, generating leads through Google Ads or working on their local SEO, we have truly become specialists in helping these businesses scale their operations.
Most importantly, we value doing business with honesty and integrity. This means providing best-in-class digital services for best-in-class companies.
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